Regen Australia has propagated and planted millions of local native plants in a wide range of revegetation projects in QLD and NSW. 

Utilising the services of our dedicated revegetation plant nursery, and more than twenty years of experience, we provide services for many types of projects in a range of environments: 


  • Landfill remediation and phytoremediation planting  
  • Constructed wetlands and bio-retention basins
  • Contaminated land remediation 
  • Habitat restoration
  • Koala habitat offsets
  • Civil works and mining rehabilitation
  • Landscaping and park establishment
  • Soil stabilisation and batter protection
  • Mangrove and saltmarsh rehabilitation
  • Emmisions offsets
  • Sand dune and littoral forests
  • Streambank stabilisation
  • Riparian restoration and water quality improvement


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