Natural Area Restoration

Natural area restoration provides the solution to re-establish and maintain the structure and function of a disturbed ecosystem. This is achieved by assisting the natural regeneration of endemic plant species to increse the resilience of a system so it is able to cope with normal periodic stress. A planned and integrated approach allows for the germination and growth of native flora by reducing competition pressures.

Regen Australia has a dedicated team of experienced and qualified professionals to undertake a range of restoration strategies that will assist the process of natural regeneration and recovery of the site. All operational staff have extensive training in plant identification and weed control techniques and all field teams are managed on-site by qualified, licensed supervisors.

Services provided by Regen Australia include: 

  • Integrated environmental weed control
  • stock exclusion and fencing
  • planned disturbances (stick raking etc.) and controlled burns
  • Weed maintenance programs in all vegetation communities including open space and built environments
  • Wetland and aquatic pest plant control


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